What to Pack Before Going on a Tour of the Lines of Nazca

There’s a long line for the Lines of Nazca. Peru welcomed more than 1.1 million tourists in 2020, and many tourists traveled south to the Nazca Lines. 

A Nazca Lines tour will let you see incredible sights you cannot see elsewhere. But you shouldn’t book your tickets just yet. You need to know about vacation packing so you remain comfortable during your tour. 

What is the environment at Nazca like? What tools do you need to remain comfortable while you fly? What should you know about a Nazca Lines tour? 

Answer these questions and you can make packing for a tour easy. Here is your quick vacation packing guide.


The average temperatures in Nazca are high throughout the year, with average daily highs between January and April going above 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month in Nazca is July, yet the average low is 59 degrees, which may be hot for some people.

It is always a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you while you are touring the Nazca Lines. You can fill a reusable bottle with cold water and drop a few ice cubes in it.

Motion Sickness Tools

A Nazca Lines flight lasts roughly 30 minutes, with the plane leveling out at 1,500 feet. Pilots are trained to keep the flight smooth, but you may run into turbulence or feel motion sick as you ascend.

You should bring at least one tool with you to mitigate motion sickness. You can take ginger pills or an antihistamine, or you can wear a nausea relief wristband.


You can take many pictures during your flight. You can capture the lines themselves as well as the beautiful landscape of the Sechura Desert.

Many people like to bring their smartphones with them, and you can. But you may want to bring another camera in case your phone runs out of battery or you want to take better photos. The light at 1,500 feet may make the images on your phone blurry.


Your pilot will take you as close to the lines as possible. But you won’t be able to see everything with your naked eyes.

A pair of binoculars can help you see lines you are flying over and away from. Try to find a pair that you can hang around your neck so you can hold your camera in your hands. You can also try zooming in on lines using your camera’s zooming functions.

Packing for the Lines of Nazca

The Lines of Nazca are waiting for you. Bring water, as the weather around Nazca can be hot and humid. You may get motion sickness during your flight, so you should bring pills or a product to avoid nausea.

You can pack your phone, but you may want a camera so you can take better pictures. Some of the lines are hard to see, so you can bring binoculars for a closer view.

Once your bags are packed, you can hit the skies. Great Nazca Tours provides premium tours of Nazca and the surrounding areas. Contact us today.

Few places inspire dreams of exotic lands like Peru. Explore its UNESCO-listed historical capital, Lima. Hike to Machu Picchu, or gaze down at the Nazca lines from your luxury charter flight. Once you’ve seen the best Lima tourist attractions, you will want to move on in style. Your charter flight from Lima is the ultimate way to do this.

You can continue your tour of Peru, head home, or further afield. With a charter flight, the choice is yours.

What are your options? What are the main benefits?

We have a guide to help you. Grab your map! Let’s head to Peru.

Why Book a Charter Flight from Lima

Taken your flights to Peru? Explored the main Lima tourist attractions? It’s time to fly on.

Jorge Chavez International Airport is one of the busiest in the World. If you want to miss the crowds, book a charter flight from Lima.

Your Lima charter flight lets you skip the check-in queues. You will get personal service from take-off to landing. You can relax in pure luxury and watch the stunning Peruvian Nazca Lines pass beneath you.

You choose where you want to go. You choose when you want to leave, and you skip delays. For the luxury air traveler, a charter flight from Lima is the ultimate way to travel.

Choosing a Charter Flight

How far are you going? How many people are you traveling with? What does each charter flight cost?

These are the main things to consider before you book your charter flight from Lima. The length of your trip decides what type of aircraft you will choose. The size of your party matters too.

Light Aircraft

These are perfect for short trips. You can travel intercity with ease and style. Up to 7 people can join you on board.


These can take you on longer trips. Perfect for a charter flight from Lima to Houston, for example. They can take up to 8 people.


Super-Midsize jets can travel on short inter-Atlantic trips. They can carry up to 9 people. Stateside, super-midsize jets can take you from Lima to LA.


Large charter jets can cross continents with 16 or more people. They can take you anywhere in the USA. You can even book a charter flight from Lima to China.

Certification, Service, and Safety

Before you book a charter flight, check the charter’s safety record. The best Lima charter flights are gold or platinum ARG/US-certified. Look for a flawless service record with outstanding reviews from past passengers. 

Ready to Fly?

Remember to choose the right size charter flight from Lima. Use certified carriers and strap in for the trip of your life. Peru is one of the most desired destinations in the World for a reason.

To explore Peru to the fullest, join an expert Peru tour company. With more than 13 years of experience, Great Nazca Tours can show a deeper side of Peru.

We specialize in tours of Nazca, Paracas, Ica, Lima, and the coast. Join us for an eco-friendly tour on your trip to Peru.

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In travel blogs, Paracas is sometimes described as “otherworldly” or “out of this world.” But, do you know why? If you answered  “Because of the Nazca Lines,” you’re correct.

Well, partly.

The Nazca Lines are indeed a phenomenon that you need to see at least once in your life. However, Paracas has additional unique sites. For example, you can see penguins basking in the sun at the National Reserve. Also, a particular Paracas beach has puzzling red sand.

We’d recommend a two or three-day excursion unless you arrive by cruise. In which case, book a half-day tour. With our Paracas tours, you will experience local culture and make lasting memories.

Keep reading to learn more. 

Resplendent Paracas, Ica and Nazca 3 Days and 2 Nights

On day one, you will visit the National Reserve of Paracas to spot humpback whales and dolphins. This tour is also available as a separate day tour. Overnight you’ll sleep well at San Agustin Paracas Hotel Resort.

Then, the next day, board a speed boat to the stunning Ballestas Islands. Day two closes with a trip to Huacachina Oasis, where you’ll watch sandboarding. On the final day, we take to the skies before enjoying a driving tour to the Aqueduct of Cantalloc.

Paracas, Ica and Nazca Lines 2 Days and 1 Night

Jump on this Paracas boat tour to Ballestas Islands. This site is famous for turtles, sea lions, and penguins. A unique viewing point is Candelabra which many people believe is a part of the Nazca Lines.

Back on the mainland, you’ll meet locals while shopping for souvenirs. Later you can choose between a land tour, a buggy tour, a visit to a distillery, or a museum.

You will see the Nazca Lines from the metallic tower and the air. Then the final day is a trip to the Aqueduct of Cantalloc and lunch at a winery.

Nazca Lines Tour from Lima 2 Days and 1 Night

Starting early, you’ll have time for a local winery or distillery visit where you can sample “Pisco.” You’ll also stop at Huacachina Oasis to discover the sport of sandboarding.

In the evening free time, explore the city and local restaurants. During the second day, you’ll fly over the Nazca Lines to witness the intricate designs.

Nazca Lines Full Day Tour

This Nazca Lines tour from Paracas includes a guide and stops at several tourists points before a Nazca Lines flight. With food recommendations ready, you’ll know exactly where you want to eat. We’re keen for guests to try “ceviche,” a local favorite in Paracas.

Tours in Paracas From Nearby Ports

Many people visit our bustling city via cruises. As such, we’re delighted to offer half-day tours that you can book.

  • Paracas National Reserve tour from San Martin Port: Visit the most scenic coastal conservation area of Paracas. You’ll also see our infamous Playa Roja (Red Beach). Its mysterious red color is made from historical volcanic material.
  • Ballestas Island boat tour from San Martin Port: See the creative Candelabra Geoglyph. Also, on this Paracas island tour, you’ll see wild animals in their natural environment.
  • Nazca Lines From San Martin Port or Callao Port: We’ll pick you up from the port and escort you to see the Nazca Lines from Pisco airport.

Paracas Is Paradise

Our Nazca Lines tours are of the highest standard and include guides. You’ll see firsthand the breathtaking coastal land of Paracas. And have time to enjoy Nazca Lines flights. Have fun trying the solve the mystery of the world-famous Nazca Lines.

Contact us today to discuss our Nazca Lines tour packages.

Quick, think about a great tourist destination in South America. You may think of Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires.

These aren’t bad places to think of, but you should add the Nazca Lines to your list. More than 5.2 million tourists visited Peru in 2019, and thousands of them went to see the Nazca Lines.

One reason why so many people visit the Nazca Lines is that a visit is safe. Experienced pilots run private flights, and they take numerous steps to keep you safe and comfortable. 

What steps do they take? What planes do they fly, and what information do they look at to develop flight plans? How long is a Nazca Lines tour, and what should you do to avoid health problems? 

Answer these questions and you have a wonderful time seeing the Nazca Lines. Here is your quick guide.


Modern Nazca flights rely on a small plane called the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Pilots have been using the 172 for more than 70 years, and it is known throughout the industry as a reliable and safe airplane.

Four passengers can sit inside the Cessna 172. If you have a larger party, you can request a Cessna 207 instead. Seven passengers can sit inside the airplane, and the model is as safe as the 172.

You may have heard of the Cessna 206 because many private Cessna flights used to use that model. Though the 206 is safe to fly, its engine produces a lot of noise and turbulence. Whenever possible, you should opt for the Cessna 172 or 207 for a safer and smoother journey.

Flight Plans

A pilot will not take off without talking to their superiors and filing a flight plan with the Nazca flight tour company. They will check the weather and atmospheric conditions to find a route without high winds or extreme turbulence. 

You will not spend too much time in the air. The average tour runs 30 minutes between takeoff and landing, so you do not have to worry about the weather changing. You will not travel too far from the airport, so your pilot can turn around if they are encountering difficulty.

Turbulence and Motion Sickness

The risk of your pilot encountering problems is minuscule. But you may have to deal with turbulence during your flight, which can cause nausea or motion sickness

Before you enjoy your private flight, you should take steps to prevent motion sickness. You should drink plenty of water, and you should avoid eating a big meal. 

Motion sickness occurs because your eyes and ears detect motion, but your body is not actually moving. You can reduce your symptoms by looking out at the horizon. This will send the signal to your brain that your body is stationary, though you are in a moving airplane.

The Safety and Comfort of Private Flights

Private flights along the Nazca Lines are safe and enjoyable. Pilots with years of experience fly the Cessna 172, a safe airplane that can accommodate an entire family. You can also choose the Cessna 207, another safe model.

A pilot will not fly if the weather is bad or if the visibility is low. Your biggest concern should be motion sickness. Yet drinking plenty of water and looking out on the landscape can reduce your nausea.

Partner with a tour company that knows great safety practices. Great Nazca Tours provides premium private flights. Contact us today.

Are you planning a trip to Peru? 

If so, it’s likely that you are planning to see the famous Incan settlement of Machu Picchu, set high in the Andes, and you should. It’s incredible and it will literally take your breath away.

However, Peru has so much more to offer than only that. In fact, one of the most important and interesting historical features in Peru besides Machu Picchu is the world-famous Nazca Lines.

Also in the southern portion of the country, but much closer to the Pacific Ocean, the Nazca Lines are an ancient mystery. No one knows why hundreds of ancient geoglyphs exist in the desert; they can only be viewed from above, and the people who drew them had no access to today’s methods of aviation.

If you’re looking for tour packages to see the Nazca Lines, then you came to the right place. Whether you are looking for a Nazca Lines full-day tour or a multi-day tour, this informative post will help point you in the right direction. Read on. 

Full-Day Tour Packages From Lima

Tourists who are visiting Lima, Peru, can join any number of tour packages that depart from that city. There are single-day tours and multi-day tours, and the tour that is best for you comes down to your personal preference.

A single-day tour is possible from Lima, but you will need to get up very early and you should expect to get back rather late. Great Nazca Tours offers a full-day tour program that includes pickup from your hotel in Miraflores, private or shuttle van, SUV, or sedan to the airport in Pisco, three and a half hours away. You’ll enjoy a plane ride to see the Nazca lines from above, lunch, an English-speaking guide, and the return trip back to your hotel. 

If they are unable to secure a window seat for you on a plane from Pisco airport, then you will be offered the alternative of flying out of Nasca airport, which is six and a half hours from Lima instead. 

Both are excellent, you’ll simply need to decide if you’d prefer the classic, short, less expensive Nazca Lines flight of thirty-five minutes with a long car ride, or the longer, more expensive flight with a shorter car ride. Great Nazca Tours can set you up with either one.

Multi-Day Tour Packages From Lima

If you’d prefer to travel at a more relaxed pace, you might choose a multi-day tour package instead. Great Nazca Tours’ two-day option includes all of the above, plus overnight accommodations in a hotel, a tour of the Paracas National Reserve, and a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands to view wildlife. 

The three-day tour includes all of the above plus an extra night in a hotel, a visit to the sand dunes in a dune buggy, and a stop at a local winery. 

Book Your Tour Package Today

Do these tour packages sound interesting to you? Any of them will surely take you on an adventure that you will never, ever forget. If you have any questions about these tours, please contact us today; we are standing by to answer all of them. However, if you’re ready to book, then what are you waiting for?

Book today and get excited about your adventure today. We can’t wait to take you to see the Nazca Lines and to tell you all about them, too.

From aliens to agriculture, there are thousands of different studies related to the Nazca Lines in Peru. Everyone seems to have a different idea about their origins and purposes.

One thing we do know is that they’re a fascinating site to visit during a trip to Peru. They inspire renewed respect for the labors of the ancient people who created them millennia ago. 

Whether you’re interested in archaeology, history, or simply the wonders the world has to offer, the Nazca lines will fill you with awe. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about a Nazca Lines Flight to explore these mysterious landmarks. 

What to Expect on Nazca Lines Flights

It’s impossible to grasp the full impact of the Nazca Lines unless you view them from the air.

These incredible graphics cover around 386 square miles. They contain over 800 lines, representing 70 animals, birds, and plants. 

You must bring the original copy of your passport to check in for this Nazca Lines tour. Sometimes you might need to wait for a little while to take off, so it’s advisable to bring drinking water along to avoid discomfort due to the heat. 

For the same reason, you should wear a hat and make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen lotion. A camera with a zoom lens is preferable to take the best photographs of this attraction. 

If you suffer from motion sickness, it’s advisable to consult your doctor about suitable motion sickness tablets. You should take these at least 15 minutes before your flight.

The airplanes are small to maximize your viewing potential, but things can get bumpy along the way. 

Nazca Lines Flight Safety

In previous years, unregulated Nazca Lines flights saw many unscrupulous operators offering these tours. As a result, there were quite a few accidents.

The Peru government clamped down on this practice and imposed strict safety regulations on all operators offering flights over the Nazca lines. 

All flight operators must comply with the DGAC, Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil.

This is a nationwide line agency that exercises civil aviation authority in Peru. It is in charge of promoting, regulating, and managing air transport activities, as well as civil aviation activities within Peruvian territory.

Other Ways to Enjoy the Nazca Lines

If you’re afraid of flying, you can also view the Nazca Lines from a viewing tower located high above the desert.

This is a Nazca Lines 03 hours tour and departs from your hotel in Nazca. We also can include other natural lookout points along the Panamerican routes, making a longer tour.

It includes a visit to the Maria Reiche Museum, filled with insights from this renowned archeologist. Maria Reiche dedicated her life to studying the Nazca Lines, providing us with most of the knowledge we have about them today. 

You can also book a range of Nazca Lines tours from Lima if you prefer. These include one or two-day packages. 

Make the Most of Your Trip to Nazca

Peru is a fascinating country filled with ancient mysteries. If you want to maximize your visit to this incredible destination, it pays to include as many unique activities as you can with your Nazca Lines flight.

Browse our website for more about our phenomenal Nazca Lines tours, and get in touch to book one of our unforgettable experiences now. 

The Nazca Lines are a series of 800 lines up to 30 miles long that are over 2,000 years old. Found in southern Peru, when viewed from the air these lines form a multitude of geographic patterns and animals.

All of this is part of the Nazca Lines mystery that has captivated both scientists and historians for ages. Why were these lines made? How were they constructed? How did the ancient Nazca people complete such a feat?

How did their creators know that arranging rocks on the surface would form patterns visible from the air? If these questions get your sense of adventure tingling, you need the right Nazca Lines tours. Here’s what to expect.

Getting to Peru

The State Department gives Peru a level 2 advisory for international travel. A level 2 travel advisory means to exercise increased caution due to crime and terrorism. If you keep your wits about you and stay safe you will be fine.

You can fly to Peru on most international airlines from any major airport hub. Land in Lima as this is one of the closest international airport destinations to the Nazca Lines. Book your accommodations in Lima as well.

Getting to the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are roughly 400km or a 6-hour drive from Lima. The best way to see them is from the air. You can also see them from the ground, but you will miss the full effect of seeing all of their amazing patterns.

Your best bet to get to the Nazca Lines is to book a tour through a reputable agency. Don’t attempt to travel there on your own as this can be dangerous and unreliable.

Choosing Between Nazca Lines Tours

There are many different options for lineas de Nazca Peru tours. Some are short day trips while others are longer adventures. The following are a few examples.

Day Tour

For travelers with limited time or budgets, a day tour is an excellent option. The tour company will pick you up at your Lima hotel, deliver you to Nazca airport and fly you over the lines for a once-in-a-lifetime tour.

They will then treat you to a healthy lunch in the nearby city of Nazca and return you safely to your hotel in Lima. The day trip lasts from 4:45 am – 10:30 pm. Expect a full day of adventure and fun.

Package Deals

There are various package deals to choose from as well if you want a longer adventure. Many of these are multi-day trips that include accommodations in nearby cities, boat trips, and guided tours. 

The Nazca Lines flight price is included in the total price of the package deal. This is a great deal as a flight over Nazca Lines costs quite a great deal if you were to charter one yourself from the airport.

Get Ready for Adventure

If you are the adventurous type, selecting an option out of the Nazca Lines tours is a great way to enjoy the wonders that this world has to offer. You will remember your flight over this ancient mystery for the rest of your life.

If you want to book a tour or learn more about them contact us today. We can answer all of your questions about the Nazca Lines and get you on your way to seeing them in person.

Over 5 million tourists visited the country of Peru in 2019. One of the many draws of the beautiful country is the famous Nazca Lines flights.

While some tourists opt to view the lines from the viewing tours, they miss out on an unforgettable experience and may even leave Peru disappointed.

In this article, we answer questions like, ‘where are the Nazca lines,’ and offer up some interesting Nazca Lines facts. Continue reading if you want to learn why this flight is one of the highlights of Peruvian culture.

What Are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca Lines are ancient geoglyphs that were etched into the ground approximately 2,000 years ago. Scientists have spent over 80 years studying the lines and attempting to learn about their origins but have been unsuccessful.

The origins of the lines are still a mystery. No one is sure why they were made or what exactly they mean. Their size is part of the widespread interest in them as the archaeological site spans over 289 square miles.

While on your flight, you’ll get to hear some of the most interesting Nazca Lines facts. For example, there are over 10,000 lines that are up to 400 yards long!

Where Are the Nazca Lines?

A common question for tourists is, ‘where are the Nazca Lines?’ The Nazca lines are located in the Nazca Desert near the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Peru. The modern-day town of Nasca is about 200 miles southeast of Lima.

What to Know About the Nazca Lines Flights

The Nazca Lines flight price of about $90 is more than worth the experience you receive during your 30-minute adventure. However, setting your expectations before your Nazca Lines flight can help to maximize your experience.

1. The Flights Offer the Best Views 

While there are two viewing towers to see the Nazca Lines, the Nazca Lines flights are by far the best way to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site. The viewing towers allow you to see only two of the 143 geoglyphs.

The Nazca Lines flights offer a view of 12 of the lines including the well-known astronaut, dog, hummingbird, and spider. The flights fit only 6 to 12 people, so you also get a more personalized viewing experience.

2. Expect Ample Photo Opportunities 

While you listen to your guide offer up interesting Nazca Lines facts, you’ll have ample opportunity for pictures and videos. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the small planes, you’ll always have a window seat with a great view.

There are two seats per row on the plane. Your experienced pilot ensures both sides get an equal viewing opportunity by making at least two passes over the lines and tilting the plane to one side during each pass. 

3. Motion Sickness Is A Possibility

Since your pilot is trying to ensure you get your money’s worth out of the Nazca Lines flight price by tilting the plane side to side, motion sickness is a possibility. For that reason, those prone to motion sickness should skip the flight.

If you’re not prone to motion sickness but are worried about getting queasy, consider taking anti-nausea or motion sickness preventative medicine before your flight. You should also avoid eating a heavy meal in the hours before your flight.

Book One Of Our Nazca Lines Flights

Now that your expectations are well-set, you should feel prepared to enjoy one of our Nazca Lines flights. Pack your camera and your motion sick pills and head out for a truly memorable experience.

Reserve your seat for this unique experience on our website.

The Nazca Lines are a group of enormous geoglyphs found in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They are among the Earth’s most identifiable sites and are a hugely popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. The geoglyphs cover an area close to 1,000 sq. kilometers with around 300 different images in total.

Peru itself is one of the most exotic locations on Earth and has something to offer for everything. With international travel once again starting after the long shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a visit to see the incredible Nazca Lines should be high on everyone’s bucket list.

In this blog post, we will highlight 5 great reasons to take a Nazca Lines tour.

1. See A World Heritage Site

Peru’s Nazca Lines were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. To be classed as a World Heritage Site, there is necessary to be cultural, historical, scientific, or other forms of significance. Such sites are deemed to contain “cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity”.

There are a total of 1,154 World Heritage Sites in the world today, across 167 countries. UNESCO notes the Nazca Lines as having outstanding universal value. As geoglyphs, they are ‘unmatched in its extent, magnitude, quantity, size, diversity and ancient tradition to any similar work in the world.’

Perhaps what is most impressive about the Nazca Lines is how recently they were discovered, or rather ‘rediscovered’. While they were first mentioned in writing in 1553 (where they were described as trail makers), it wasn’t until the 20th century that they were truly explored and examined.

Even in modern times, more geoglyphs are being discovered. In 2020, a 120-foot-long cat was reported to have been uncovered in a little-explored part of the region. The feline, which predates many of the better-known figures, has been cleaned and preserved by a team of archaeologists to make it more visible.

2. See The Figures From Above

Later we will discuss the possible reasons behind these drawings in better detail, but let’s consider one possible theory here first. These incredible geoglyphs are best seen from the air. Among the drawings and shapes that visitors can see include:

  • Spider
  • Tree
  • Hummingbird
  • Condor
  • Whale
  • Monkey
  • Giant
  • Pelican
  • Dog
  • Heron
  • Hands
  • Parrot
  • Lizard
  • Spiral
  • Flower

One popular theory is that the Nazca people who created these geoglyphs did so in order that their gods could see them from the sky. Should this theory hold true, by traveling over these incredible lines, you can see the geoglyphs as the creators wanted their gods to. it’s pretty amazing to take a Nazca Lines flight!

Flying over the lines allows you to truly marvel at their beauty. Some of the most famous geoglyphs, like the Hummingbird and the Spider, are incredibly intricate designs that must be seen to be believed.

3. Learn About Nazca Culture

It is believed that the Nazca culture began around 100 B.C. and continued until around 800 A.D. The Nazca’s were greatly influenced by the Paracas culture, while the Palpas glyphs are believed to be a precursor and influencer for the Nazca Lines. All in all, the culture and history of the region are immense and there is much to learn.

The Nazca’s themselves are not only known for their geoglyphs but also for their Puquios. Puquios are a type of underground aqueduct that provide water for domestic purposes and irrigation, especially in arid regions. Here at Great Nazca Tours, we also organize tours of the historic Cantalloc Aqueduct.

The Nazca culture is rich in pottery, textiles and technology. Nazca Lines tours open up the opportunity to learn a great deal about this ancient culture.

4. Form Your Own Opinion

As mentioned, there are many different theories about why the Nazca Lines were created. National Geographic has described them as being among Peru’s greatest mysteries. It was only really with the advent of flying that the geoglyphs started to be truly examined and many people have attempted to solve the mystery about their creation since then.

We have noted one potential purpose already (related to the people’s gods). Another theory is that they are related to cosmology and astronomy, acting as a sort of observatory.  Others claim that the figures represent constellations, although there are arguments both in favor and against these ideas.

Another theory is that the Nazca Lines had irrigation or field division purposes. Other theories suggest that they were part of rituals for the worship of water, they were fertility symbols, or were simply works of art. It could be that the geoglyphs had a number of purposes.

Really, it’s up to you to see them and form your own opinion!

5. Explore So Much More!

When you take a tour of the Nazca Lines with Great Nazca Tours, there is so much more that you can explore. We organize tours in:

  • Nazca
  • Ica
  • Paracas
  • Lima
  • And more

Our tour options in Nazca alone include:

  • Flights over the Nazca and Palpa Lines
  • Pampa Galeras National Reserve Tour
  • Nazca Lines Viewing Tower Tour
  • The Ceremonial Center of Cahuachi Peru
  • The Chauchilla Cemetery Tour in Nazca
  • The Petroglyph Site of Chicchitara
  • The Aqueducts Tour of Cantalloc in Nazca

For history, culture, and incredible sightseeing, Peru is among the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

Great Reasons to Take a Nazca Lines Tour

As you can see, there are many wonderful reasons to take a Nazca Lines tour in Peru with Great Nazca Tours. We are an officially registered agency with 12 years of experience in providing quality, safe, and fun tours.

Our focus is on providing responsible tourism that respects the incredible heritage in Peru. Contact our team today to learn more about our Nazca Lines flights and other tour options. 

Think of a great achievement of mankind. The Empire State Building, Machu Picchu, or the Great Wall of China might come to mind. 

But so should the Nazca Lines. They are the world’s greatest geoglyphs, covering roughly 450 square kilometers. Taking a Nazca Lines flight is your best opportunity to examine these incredible artworks.

Yet what exactly is the Nazca Lines? How should you plan a trip to them? What is a flight like, and how can you make the most out of your flight? 

Answer these questions and you can enrich your sense of Peruvian history and art. Here is your quick guide.  

The Nazca Lines 

The Nazca Lines are a crucial archaeological site in Peru. They are ancient geoglyphs visible from the open air. Some of the lines are just straight lines, while others depict animals or plants. 

The Nazca people made the lines sometime before the Spanish colonization of Peru. The exact purpose of the lines is in dispute. Some historians believe they are religious icons, while others think they helped with gathering natural resources. 

The lines are located in the Nazca Desert, which lies close to the Pacific coast. They are accessible from Nazca, a small city in southern Peru. 

You can view the figures from observation towers. But flying on an airplane lets you see their full details from a bird’s eye view. You can also look outward and view figures that are farther away from Nazca. 

but an excellent Nazca tour complimentary could be visiting the Nazca lines by land two of the best tour in Nazca are the Cahuachi pyramids and the Metallic tower tour which allow you to see the temple of the Nazca civilization and to be next to an original Nazca Lines.

The Typical Nazca Lines Flight

Most Nazca Lines flights take off from Maria Reiche Neuman Airport in Nazca. You can reach the airport after a short drive from the city.

alternatively to the pioneering airport on Nazca now is possible to fly over the Nazca Lines from Pisco airport but it is a bit expensive since the flight is longer.

The flights take place on light aircraft, not planes like Boeing 747s. This allows you to travel in a small group, but it means you cannot bring a large bag. 

The engines on the plane can be loud, especially when the aircraft turns. You will need to wear headphones in order to hear when the copilot shows each figure for a deep understanding or discussion our tour guide will be able to provide a briefing previous you board the aircraft concerning the Nazca lines tour by airplane. The plane comes equipped with headphones that you can put on and adjust. 

You will be able to see some geoglyphs as the plane takes off. The plane will level out at 1,500 feet, which is enough to give you a view of the most important figures. the second pilot will work as your guide who will point out the figures. Note. the descriptions of how they were made will be explained by our knowledgeable tour guide previous to your Nazca Lines flight.

Your flight will last roughly 35 minutes. You will return to the same airport you took off from with more questions and you will be able to ask your local tour guide from Nazca city.


Many people like to take photographs of the Nazca Lines. This is a great way to capture them for your personal records. 

But it can be difficult to take a photograph of the lines. Some figures are hard to see with the naked eye, making it hard to know when to take a photo. Even if you can take an image of them, the lines may appear too thin or bright. 

Get a good camera with a zoom lens. Look through the lens and examine the lighting before you take your photograph. You may need to adjust the interior lighting or cast shade over the lens in order to get a good picture. 

Have your camera at the ready. You can put it up against the window, then take a picture as soon as your guide points out a figure. 

Take horizontal photos instead of vertical ones. Try to shoot your photographs when your camera is directly over the lines. You can take a photo of certain figures at an angle, but they may be hard to see. 

In short, the above recommendation is from Photographer but from humble personal advice is better to enjoy the flight instead of you are wasting time focusing on each figure impressed with the total view that your best lens has “your eyes” parallel you could shoot for some photos.

Dealing With Motion Sickness

Your pilot will make many turns in order to give you views of the different figures. These turns may occur abruptly and may involve changes in altitude. This can induce motion sickness, especially in people prone to it. 

Try to avoid eating large meals before getting on your flight. You should drink a large amount of water, and you can bring water with you on your plane. 

Keep your body positioned in the direction your plane is going in. Give your eyes a break from looking at the designs by looking at the horizon. You can close your eyes, though you will miss out on seeing the lines. 

You can take a throat lozenge or a ginger pill. You can also have over-the-counter medications like antihistamines. 

Planning a South American Trip

A Nazca lines flight works best as one component of a bigger South American trip. The flight is very short and Nazca has few other attractions besides the lines. You should plan a trip that takes you elsewhere. 

You can go to the Chauchilla Cemetery within Nazca. You can view mummies and ceramics from millennia ago. 

Cahuachi was a ceremonial site for the Nazca people. Many of the lines point toward the site, suggesting their religious purpose.

You can take a day trip to Cahuachi to learn more about the lines. You can see structures like pyramids and temples, and you can view authentic works of art. 

The Pampa Galeras National Reserve is roughly 90 kilometers from Nazca. You can receive a tour of the reserve, viewing wild animals and natural landscapes. You can take photographs of dry hills and grassy plateaus. 

Book Your Nazca Lines Flight

A Nazca Lines flight is a breathtaking opportunity. They are figures that the Nazca people drew into the soil. A flight lasts 35 minutes and gives you a chance to see the most important designs.

You can take photographs, but make sure your camera is of good quality. Prepare for motion sickness by drinking water and taking ginger pills. Incorporate your flight into a broader South American trip, including to other sites in Peru. 

Turn to the best tour guides in the region of Ica through Great Nazca Tours the Nasca Lines tour specialist in Peru. Contact us today.