Payment Options

4 Ways to Make a deposit or full Payment

1º.-Through our website with your VISA & MASTER card.

Note: 8.7% Visa commission is charged on your order automatically.

2º.- Via PayPal using all types of credit cards.

Fees: A Transaction fee of 5.9% is charged for each transaction when you use a credit card.
Note: You must request a invitation via Paypal and extra fee must be added to the total service amount. And you don’t need a PayPal account – all you need is an email address.

3º.-Via Western Union.

Here is the information required:
This is the name of the receiver in Peru:

1. Names: Anibal Alejandro.
2. Last Names: Romucho Huamaní.
3. ID: 43828443
4. Address: Jr. Natalio Sanchez #251, Jesus Maria district, Lima.
5. Telephone: +51 956 262 221
6. Destination: Nasca - Perú.
*Full Name would be: Anibal Alejandro Romucho Huamaní

4º Bank Wire Transfer or Deposit money Bank if you are in Perú. (most popular bank in Perú)

Account Number: S/. 440-2524061009
Recipient's name: GREAT NAZCA TOURS
Interbank Account Code (IAC) / (CCI) : 00244000252406100964
SWIFT CODE del Banco de Crédito : BCPLPEPL
Type of Bank Account: current or cheque accounts in Spanish means Cuenta Corriente.
Address of Bank: Lima Street 415 - Nasca / Perú

WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: All wired money is subject to (40.00 USD as a minimum payment and $100.00 as a maximum payment) bank charge that should be added to your payment apart of the fee that you pay to your bank in your country to send the money.
to have an approx. calculation use 5%.

In all the cases you will pay a commission for the transaction: Visa, Western Union or Wire Transfer.
Please You can decide which one is better for you.
Once you do the payment we will be sending you our E-voucher.