What to Expect on a Nazca Lines Flight: The Essentials for Your Trip

Think of a great achievement of mankind. The Empire State Building or the Great Wall of China might come to mind. 

But so should the Nazca Lines. They are the world’s greatest geoglyphs, covering roughly 450 square kilometers. Taking a Nazca Lines flight is your best opportunity to examine these incredible artworks.

Yet what exactly are the Nazca Lines? How should you plan a trip to them? What is a flight like, and how can you make the most out of your flight? 

Answer these questions and you can enrich your sense of Peruvian history and art. Here is your quick guide.  

The Nazca Lines 

The Nazca Lines are a crucial archaeological site in Peru. They are ancient geoglyphs visible from the open air. Some of the lines are just straight lines, while others depict animals or plants. 

The Nazca people made the lines sometime before the Spanish colonization of Peru. The exact purpose of the lines is in dispute. Some historians believe they are religious icons, while others think they helped with gathering natural resources. 

The lines are located in the Nazca Desert, which lies close to the Pacific coast. They are accessible from Nazca, a small city in southern Peru. 

You can view the figures from observation towers. But flying on an airplane lets you see their full details from a bird’s eye view. You can also look outward and view figures that are farther away from Nazca. 

The Typical Nazca Lines Flight

Most Nazca Lines flights take off from Maria Reiche Neuman Airport in Nazca. You can reach the airport after a short drive. 

The flights take place on light aircraft, not planes like Boeing 747s. This allows you to travel in a small group, but it means you cannot bring a large bag. 

The engines on the plane can be loud, especially when the aircraft turns. You will need to wear headphones in order to hear your tour guide. The plane comes equipped with headphones that you can put on and adjust. 

You will be able to see some geoglyphs as the plane takes off. The plane will level out at 1,500 feet, which is enough to give you a view of the most important figures. Your guide will point out the figures and give you descriptions of how they were made. 

Your flight will last roughly 30 minutes. You will return to the same airport you took off from.  


Many people like to take photographs of the Nazca Lines. This is a great way to capture them for your personal records. 

But it can be difficult to take a photograph of the lines. Some figures are hard to see with the naked eye, making it hard to know when to take a photo. Even if you can take an image of them, the lines may appear too thin or bright. 

Get a good camera with a zoom lens. Look through the lens and examine the lighting before you take your photograph. You may need to adjust the interior lighting or cast shade over the lens in order to get a good picture. 

Have your camera at the ready. You can put it up against the window, then take a picture as soon as your guide points out a figure. 

Take horizontal photos instead of vertical ones. Try to shoot your photographs when your camera is directly over the lines. You can take a photo of certain figures at an angle, but they may be hard to see. 

Dealing With Motion Sickness

Your pilot will make many turns in order to give you views of the different figures. These turns may occur abruptly and may involve changes in altitude. This can induce motion sickness, especially in people prone to it. 

Try to avoid eating large meals before getting on your flight. You should drink a large amount of water, and you can bring water with you on your plane. 

Keep your body positioned in the direction your plane is going in. Give your eyes a break from looking at the designs by looking at the horizon. You can close your eyes, though you will miss out on seeing the lines. 

You can take a throat lozenge or a ginger pill. You can also have over-the-counter medications like antihistamines. 

Planning a South American Trip

A Nazca lines flight works best as one component of a bigger South American trip. The flight is very short and Nazca has few other attractions besides the lines. You should plan a trip that takes you elsewhere. 

You can go to the Chauchilla Cemetery within Nazca. You can view mummies and ceramics from millennia ago. 

Cahuachi was a ceremonial site for the Nazca people. Many of the lines point toward the site, suggesting their religious purpose.

You can take a day trip to Cahuachi to learn more about the lines. You can see structures like pyramids and temples, and you can view authentic works of art. 

The Pampa Galeras National Reserve is roughly 90 kilometers from Nazca. You can receive a tour of the reserve, viewing wild animals and natural landscapes. You can take photographs of dry hills and grassy plateaus. 

Book Your Nazca Lines Flight

A Nazca Lines flight is a breathtaking opportunity. They are figures that the Nazca people drew into the soil. A flight lasts 30 minutes and gives you a chance to see the most important designs.

You can take photographs, but make sure your camera is of good quality. Prepare for motion sickness by drinking water and taking ginger pills. Incorporate your flight into a broader South American trip, including to other sites in Peru. 

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