Nazca Lines Flight from Nazca Airport

Nasca Lines Tours: Classic flight over the Nasca Lines


Are you looking for a romantic morning or sunset Nasca Lines Flight?, or maybe an adventure to explore and learn the Nazca Lines area from the air?

Whatever you are looking for, Great Nazca Tours is your best option for Sightseeing Air Tours in the city of Nasca.


The Nazca Lines figures were drawn in the desert of Sudewestern Peru by ancient Nazca peoples. The drawings were created on such a large scale is such that the shapes can be readily discerned only from the air, leading to a variety of theories about their purpose. The Nazca Lines were created in the time of the Nazca civilization, which flourished in the area from 200 BC to about 600 AD. Graves and ruins of their civilization have been found near the lines.

The area of the Peruvian desert in which the Nazca Lines were drawn is parallel to the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The desert is not sandy but made of dark red surface stones and soil with lighter-colored subsoil beneath. The lines were created by clearing away the darker upper layer to reveal the lighter subsoil. The lines would have taken a long time to create, perhaps several generations and many people contributed to their creation. As to the purpose of the Nazca Lines.

It seems incredible that such simply-made drawings have survived for so many hundreds of years, and some have seen a mysterious element to this. But there is also a natural explanation: the surface is made of stone, not sand, and the climate of the area is such that there is practically no erosion. The Nazca people chose an excellent place for an enduring monument.

The Nazca Lines include straight lines and geometric shapes as well as stylized depictions of animals, humans, and plants.


Why book this experience

  • Fly over one of the most mysterious shapes and lines on earth.
  • Check off your bucket list and fulfill the dream of a lifetime.
  • Classic highlights of Peru.
  • The Nazca Lines has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.
  • UNESCO wrote, “They are the most outstanding group of geoglyphs anywhere in the world and are unmatched in its extent, magnitude, quantity, size, diversity and ancient tradition to any similar work in the world.”

Itinerary for Nazca Lines overflight:

Day Activity You will be collected from your hotel in the city of Nazca and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle to the Maria Reiche Airport where you will board a light aircraft for a memorable Nazca Lines Flight. A bilingual guide (English/Spanish) will accompany you on this tour.

This flight over the Nazca Lines will cover the expanse of the stony Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by big drawings and geometrical shapes. The flight lasts 35 minutes and is the best way to see these fascinating lines and drawings that have intrigued people for years. Here, you will spot various figures drawn on the stony surface of the Nazca desert, representing animals and stylized plants, distributed in a huge labyrinth of lines, trapezes, triangles and hairsprings which have been preserved for almost 2000 years. They are the most incredible remains that an ancient culture has left behind. These designs, some of them as long as 500 meters, can be truly appreciated only from the sky at an altitude of 1,500 feet.

Return to the Nasca Airport

At the end of the Nazca Lines Flight, you will be dropped back to your hotel in Nazca or bus terminal.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off  roundtrip Transportation from select Nazca hotel.
  • If you are arriving from Arequipa or Cusco, just let us know the bus company name and the approx. time of your arrival to pick you up.
  • Bilingual guide (English / Spanish)
  • Projection of video about the Nazca Lines at the airport
  • 35 minutes’ Sightseeing Flight over the Nazca lines.
  • Nazca Lines maps.


  • Airport Tax (S/. 30.00 per person)


  • Daily Nazca Lines Flights from the Nazca Airport / Panamerican Road Km.450.

First Departure time and Last Flight:

  • The flight is available from 7:00 hrs. to 14:30 hrs.
  • but flying during the morning is far preferable to fly in the afternoon.

Return time of your Classic Nasca Lines flight depending season:

  • Low Season of tourist: the total operation for flights can take 2 hrs. (Sometimes there are short delays before the flight, meanwhile, we will be able to watch a video film to get more information about Nazca Lines).
  • High Season of tourist (our winter season/your summer season): The exact departure of the flight would depend on weather conditions & air traffic, please remember it is cloudy and foggy in winter.

Additional Information about your Nazca lines flight:

  • Control tower at the airport in Nasca designates altitude/levels for the Classic Nazca Lines flight, the altitude for the first level is 2500 feet and the second level is 3000 feet.
  • The altitude or level where the lines are is 1824 ft. with respect to sea level. This means that by flying at 2500 ft. you will be flying over only 676 ft. off the ground and 1176 ft. if you fly to 3000 ft.
  • This flight must be booked at least 1 day in advance of your tour departure.
  • The confirmation voucher includes the local activity operator’s contact details and local telephone numbers at the destination.
  • We will happily answer any questions about your classic flight over the nazca lines.
  • Apart of the city of Nazca we also can provide you other alternatives such as the flight over the Nasca Lines from Ica and the flight from Pisco airport, please feel free to ask any questions about these tour services.
  • for the reservations of your Nasca Lines flight, we will require certain information from you such as:

*Participant’s full names:
*Passport numbers:
*Exact weight:
*Hotel address in Nazca: or bus company name If you are arriving the same day (morning).
*Date of the Nazca lines flight:

Participant restrictions:

  • Participants weighing over 300 pounds (136 kg) must book an additional seat to accommodate weight restrictions.

Don’t forget to bring your passport and camera …!!

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USD 90.00

per person

Reserve now
  • * As maximum the day before of the flight is required to provide excellent service.
  • * The cost will be increased in 10% during the high season of tourist (June, July and August).
  • * Local airport tax must be paid in person minutes before to board the aircraft.
  • * Flight for couples cost: USD 110.00 per person. please email us to check availability!