Safety First: All About Private Flights to See the Nazca Lines

Quick, think about a great tourist destination in South America. You may think of Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires.

These aren’t bad places to think of, but you should add the Nazca Lines to your list. More than 5.2 million tourists visited Peru in 2019, and thousands of them went to see the Nazca Lines.

One reason why so many people visit the Nazca Lines is that a visit is safe. Experienced pilots run private flights, and they take numerous steps to keep you safe and comfortable. 

What steps do they take? What planes do they fly, and what information do they look at to develop flight plans? How long is a Nazca Lines tour, and what should you do to avoid health problems? 

Answer these questions and you have a wonderful time seeing the Nazca Lines. Here is your quick guide.


Modern Nazca flights rely on a small plane called the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Pilots have been using the 172 for more than 70 years, and it is known throughout the industry as a reliable and safe airplane.

Four passengers can sit inside the Cessna 172. If you have a larger party, you can request a Cessna 207 instead. Seven passengers can sit inside the airplane, and the model is as safe as the 172.

You may have heard of the Cessna 206 because many private Cessna flights used to use that model. Though the 206 is safe to fly, its engine produces a lot of noise and turbulence. Whenever possible, you should opt for the Cessna 172 or 207 for a safer and smoother journey.

Flight Plans

A pilot will not take off without talking to their superiors and filing a flight plan with the Nazca flight tour company. They will check the weather and atmospheric conditions to find a route without high winds or extreme turbulence. 

You will not spend too much time in the air. The average tour runs 30 minutes between takeoff and landing, so you do not have to worry about the weather changing. You will not travel too far from the airport, so your pilot can turn around if they are encountering difficulty.

Turbulence and Motion Sickness

The risk of your pilot encountering problems is minuscule. But you may have to deal with turbulence during your flight, which can cause nausea or motion sickness

Before you enjoy your private flight, you should take steps to prevent motion sickness. You should drink plenty of water, and you should avoid eating a big meal. 

Motion sickness occurs because your eyes and ears detect motion, but your body is not actually moving. You can reduce your symptoms by looking out at the horizon. This will send the signal to your brain that your body is stationary, though you are in a moving airplane.

The Safety and Comfort of Private Flights

Private flights along the Nazca Lines are safe and enjoyable. Pilots with years of experience fly the Cessna 172, a safe airplane that can accommodate an entire family. You can also choose the Cessna 207, another safe model.

A pilot will not fly if the weather is bad or if the visibility is low. Your biggest concern should be motion sickness. Yet drinking plenty of water and looking out on the landscape can reduce your nausea.

Partner with a tour company that knows great safety practices. Great Nazca Tours provides premium private flights. Contact us today.