Dune Buggy and Sandboarding in the Usaka Desert

Perú is an authentic and wonderful country full of interesting places to visit, and sandboarding can be practiced on the magical dunes of the Usaka desert as well.

The area known as Usaka Sands or Usaka desert, located in the lower part of Nasca valley West Sand Desert, is like an ocean of regular dunes that seem to stretch to infinity.

This dune area is one of the most interesting attractions in the desert of Nasca and a favorite area for desert adventurers and extreme board sports enthusiasts who want to repeat the adrenaline of Huacachina sand dunes or for those who didn’t have the chance to visit the Oasis.

We offer this alternative which is an added bonus on the way we will stop to impress with the temple of Ancient Nazca People (Pyramids of Cahuachi) The best way to reach the dunes is by off-road vehicle (Peruvian dune buggy vehicles).


Daily at 14:00 hrs. from Nasca city