Flight Over The Nazca & Palpa Lines Peru

Premium Flight: Available only from Nasca Airport – Flight Over The Nazca & Palpa Lines Perú.


On the slope of the hills that extend in much of the territory of the province of Palpa have been discovered new zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures that confirm that the design and the elaboration of the first geoglyphs were made by another pre-Inca civilization called Paracas and the late period of its development 600-100 BC. So this means long before the Nazcas started to build their own geoglyphs. After a series of physical investigations that included analysis of carbon 14, as well as of luminescence to the sediments that form part of this set of drawings, and of the discovery a year ago in the valley of Palpa of the archaeological settlement of Jauranga.

In the valley of Palpa, there are the settlements of Mollaque, Casablanca or Cerro Paracas, and Jauranga, which were permanently occupied by this culture. They were stable settlements, with settlers dedicated to agriculture, the cattle ranch, and also to artisan production. They made very fine pottery and although there is still no evidence of their famous textiles, it has been determined that they were not wandering populations.
There was probably a ruling class and priests who devoted themselves to producing images that remained in the minds of their settlers and through them expressed their beliefs, cults, and rituals possibly linked to water.

This occupation occurred with certainty between 600 and 550 BC. And included even until the beginning of our era and the subsequent appearance of the Nazcas, this set of fifty figures, which form part of a great cultural complex and artistic expression of this ancient civilization represented human beings (royal family), animals (birds, monkeys, felines) Paracas divinity). The two figures that have been found between the slopes that represent this divinity are the first representations in the geoglyphs of the main god of Paracas culture, which always appears in his famous textiles (mantles) and its beautiful pottery.

Why Book This Palpa Lines Experience?
  • Flight over one of the most mysterious shapes and lines on earth
  • The Nazca Lines has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy one of the most intriguing figures / La Cruz de Palpa

On the day of the activity, you will be collected from your hotel in Nazca and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle to the airfield where you will board a light aircraft for a memorable Flight over Nazca Lines and Palpa Lines. A bilingual guide (English/Spanish) will accompany you on this tour.

This flight over the Nazca Lines will start covering the expanse of the stony Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes then passing the valley of Ingenio we will be flying over the zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures at the end you will be able to fly over the aqueduct of Cantalloc.

The flight lasts exactly 55 minutes and the altitude of the flight will depend on air traffic and the control tower (can be over 2,500 or 3000 feet.)

Return to the Nasca airport

At the end of the Flight, you will be dropped back at your hotel in Nazca.

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off  Roundtrip Transportation from select Nazca hotel
  • Bilingual guide (English / Spanish)
  • Projection of video about the Nazca Lines at the airport
  • 55 minutes of sightseeing flight over the Nazca & Palpa lines
  • Nazca and Palpa Lines maps.
  • Local airport Tax (S/. 30.00 per person).
  • New Boleto Turistico (S/.47.00 per person).
  • Daily Nazca and Palpa Lines Flights
First departure time and last Palpa Lines Flight:
  • From: 9:00 hrs. to 14:30 hrs.
Return time of your Palpa overflight:
  • In the low season of tourists: the total flight time can take 1:30 hrs. (Sometimes there are short delays before the flight, in the meantime, we will be able to watch a video film to get more information about Nazca Lines).
  • Peak season: The exact departure of the flight would depend on weather conditions & air traffic, please note that we will be during wintertime and it is foggy during the whole morning so be patient, please.
Additional Information about your flight:

*Control tower at the airport in Nasca designate altitude/levels for the Classic Nazca Lines flight, the altitude for the first level is 2500 feet and the second level is 3000 feet.

*The altitude or level where the lines are is 1824 ft. with respect to sea level. This means that by flying at 2500 ft. you will be flying over only 676 ft. off the ground and 1176 ft. if you fly to 3000 ft.

*This special flight must be booked at least 02 days in advance of your aerial tour date if you are going to do it through our website during our summer season (low season of tourists/ November, December, January, February, March, and April) or 01 weeks in advance during our high season of tourist (On May, June, July and August).

*We will happily answer any questions about this special and long flight over the Nazca Lines and Palpa Lines Peru.

*Since this flight normally is not common we require two participants as a minimum otherwise you must assume the cost of one passenger.

we will require certain information from you in order to book it such as:

  • Participant’s full names:
  • Nationalities:
  • Passport numbers:
  • Ages:
  • Exact weight:
  • Hotel address in Nazca:
  • Date of the Special flight:

Service Payment in advance: a 100% deposit is required

Participant restrictions:
  • Once again we let you know that we require a minimum of 2 participants.
  • Participants weighing over 300 pounds (136 kg) must book an additional seat to accommodate weight restrictions.
Don’t forget to bring your passport and camera …!!

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For a group of two people: USD 212 per person.

For solo travelers: USD 255.00 per person.