Nazca Lines Flights: 3 Things You Need to Know

Over 5 million tourists visited the country of Peru in 2019. One of the many draws of the beautiful country is the famous Nazca Lines flights.

While some tourists opt to view the lines from the viewing tours, they miss out on an unforgettable experience and may even leave Peru disappointed.

In this article, we answer questions like, ‘where are the Nazca lines,’ and offer up some interesting Nazca Lines facts. Continue reading if you want to learn why this flight is one of the highlights of Peruvian culture.

What Are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca Lines are ancient geoglyphs that were etched into the ground approximately 2,000 years ago. Scientists have spent over 80 years studying the lines and attempting to learn about their origins but have been unsuccessful.

The origins of the lines are still a mystery. No one is sure why they were made or what exactly they mean. Their size is part of the widespread interest in them as the archaeological site spans over 289 square miles.

While on your flight, you’ll get to hear some of the most interesting Nazca Lines facts. For example, there are over 10,000 lines that are up to 400 yards long!

Where Are the Nazca Lines?

A common question for tourists is, ‘where are the Nazca Lines?’ The Nazca lines are located in the Nazca Desert near the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Peru. The modern-day town of Nasca is about 200 miles southeast of Lima.

What to Know About the Nazca Lines Flights

The Nazca Lines flight price of about $90 is more than worth the experience you receive during your 30-minute adventure. However, setting your expectations before your Nazca Lines flight can help to maximize your experience.

1. The Flights Offer the Best Views 

While there are two viewing towers to see the Nazca Lines, the Nazca Lines flights are by far the best way to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site. The viewing towers allow you to see only two of the 143 geoglyphs.

The Nazca Lines flights offer a view of 12 of the lines including the well-known astronaut, dog, hummingbird, and spider. The flights fit only 6 to 12 people, so you also get a more personalized viewing experience.

2. Expect Ample Photo Opportunities 

While you listen to your guide offer up interesting Nazca Lines facts, you’ll have ample opportunity for pictures and videos. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the small planes, you’ll always have a window seat with a great view.

There are two seats per row on the plane. Your experienced pilot ensures both sides get an equal viewing opportunity by making at least two passes over the lines and tilting the plane to one side during each pass. 

3. Motion Sickness Is A Possibility

Since your pilot is trying to ensure you get your money’s worth out of the Nazca Lines flight price by tilting the plane side to side, motion sickness is a possibility. For that reason, those prone to motion sickness should skip the flight.

If you’re not prone to motion sickness but are worried about getting queasy, consider taking anti-nausea or motion sickness preventative medicine before your flight. You should also avoid eating a heavy meal in the hours before your flight.

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Now that your expectations are well-set, you should feel prepared to enjoy one of our Nazca Lines flights. Pack your camera and your motion sick pills and head out for a truly memorable experience.

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