Paracas National Reserve tour from San Martin port


From the port of General San Martin, visitors can reach the best tours of areas such as the Ballestas Islands, The Paracas National Reserve, and the Nasca Lines. The port of General San Martin is a small deep-water port located on the western side of Paracas Bay. It is relatively isolated as there is no settlement at the port and it is surrounded by desert terrain and the Paracas National Reserve, though it continues to serve the city of Pisco, which is some 25km away.

Be amazed Peru’s answer to the Galapagos Island on a fascinating waterborne tour of the Ballestas Islands. These islands are well protected as a national reserve and also are off-limits to people, though there are boat tours that take tourists to the islands and allow them to get a closer view.  Board your speed boat at a local Paracas pier and head out around the dramatically sculpted coast of Paracas Peninsula, part of a vast coastal desert reserve unique to this part of the world. During your journey, you’ll marvel at the famous Candelabro de Paracas, an enormous three-pronged earthwork etched into the hillside in the style of the Nazca Lines but we think that was made by the Paracas Civilization. Together with the cluster of offshore Ballestas Islands, this terrain comprises the most ecologically significant coastal wildlife sanctuary in Peru. You won’t disembark as you cruise around these protected islands, but your vessel will approach closely enough to observe some of the seabirds and marine mammals who live and breed there. Be on the lookout for Guanay cormorants, Peruvian boobies and pelicans, and Chilean flamingos. Agile Humboldt penguins and large colonies of lazy sea lions also congregate along these rocky shores. And don’t be fooled by the barren-seeming landscape; nutrient-rich upwelling waters from the Humboldt Current make this an extremely abundant fishing ground for animals – and seafood restaurants.

Why Book The Paracas National Reserve Tour Experience?

  • Marvel at the stark beaches, sculpted sea cliffs, and multicolored desert mountains of Paracas National Reserve
  • At the Paracas National Reserve, you can enjoy exceptionally scenic beaches and opportunities for adventure activities such as ATV Tours.


07:30 hrs. (or earlier) Our customers will be collected from the San Martin port in Paracas at the time that your cruise disembarks then you will be traveling directly to the Natural reserve of Paracas to see one of Peru’s most scenic and vital coastal conservation areas. The short ride from Port to the area will last approximately 20 min.

08:00 hrs. Once we get there you will explore some of Peru’s best-kept secrets in Paracas. The home of the ancient Paracas people is the same people who probably made the candelabra located on the side hill of the peninsula that you can see during the boat tour visiting Ballestas Island. From natural lookout points take tons of photos of our Coastal beaches with white-crested waves on the Pacific Ocean moving to the Cliffside shores of the Paracas National Reserve in Peru also you can see fossils spread out along the reserve.

Later on, you will visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the Paracas National Reserve, Playa Roja has sand made from volcanic minerals that give it a red color, and its impressive itsmo allow you to see both bays of the peninsula

10:30 hrs. At the end of the land tour, we will drive you back to the San Martin port on time.

End of the half-day tour

Inclusions on this Paracas shore tour:

  • Convenient Pickup and drop-off from San Martin Port.
  • All activities and transportation in a group.
  • English and Spanish speaking local tour guide.
  • Bottle of water


  • Entrance fees. 21 soles per person (7 USD) local payment at reception.
  • Personal Travel Insurance.
  • Food and alcoholic drinks.

Tour departure time from San Martin Port:

  • From: 07:30 hrs. (depending on the time of disembarking of the cruise ship.

Additional Information about your Paracas shore tour:

  • This service tour must be booked at least 1 month in advance of your tour departure date.

Don’t forget your camera with a fully charged battery …!!

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USD 80

Per person (based on two passengers)