Best Huacachina Dune Buggy & Sandboarding Tour

Tour Overview

Another unique way to see the Peruvian desert, Blessed with year-round sunshine and miles of beautiful desert coast, and get your adrenaline fix by riding a dune buggy on sandy terrain as you traverse the expansive sand dunes that cross stretch for miles. The buggies are fitted with special seatbelts so they’re safe and easy to control.

Would you like to feel the sand on your face as you ride over the golden dunes in the Huacachina desert? Instead of being a passenger confined within an enclosed vehicle, this motor vehicle with large, wide tires is perfect with which to tackle giant sand dunes; and, for further safety, the buggies are outfitted with roll cages and safety and special seatbelts.

Tour Itinerary

This 1-hour adventure begins at any time of the day (we suggest morning or evening for better pictures except in the middle of the day) with a possible pick up for hotels in Ica only; when booking, please advise your location. From the meeting location (hotel), you will be driven in a vehicle to the base of a dune where the buggies are parked awaiting you. After receiving instructions from the professional driver, you embark to ride in a Dune Buggy over giant golden sand dunes! After several photos stops the tour will round off with a chance to practice sandboarding down on small slops after your practice we will try on giant dunes. After this adrenaline-filled adventure, you will be returned to your personal vehicle and dropped off at your hotel selected in Huacachina.

What’s included in this adventure

  • Professional driver.
  • Group Dune Buggy tour
  • Sand boards
  • Possible pick up and drop off for hotels in Ica only; please advise the location at the time of booking in case you require a transfer from Paracas or Nazca.

What’s Not Included

  • Food
  • Sunblock

Medical Restrictions & Other Requirements

Pregnant women, guests with back and neck problems, and children below 02 years are not permitted to ride on the dune buggy.


USD 35

per person (based on group of 8 people)

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  • * bring sunblock and Lightweight trousers.
  • * Closed-toe shoes recommended.
  • * Price for private small dune buggy US$50 per person (based on two persons)