Private tour to Caral Archaeological Site from Lima


Embark on a full-day tour of Caral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built between 2627 and 2100 B.C., approximately and explore pyramids and fascinating archaeological sites that beautifully illustrate the history of the Americas. Convenient transport and a scenic drive through local cities complete this journey into the past.

After you’re picked up from your hotel, sit back and relax during a drive that takes you through the cities of Chancay, Huacho, Huaura, and Supe on the way to Caral located 200 km. north of Lima. Caral with 5000 years approximately it is consider the oldest civilization in the Americas. The civilization that once flourished at this site paved the way for modern society and architecture. Be amazed with the Great Pyramid, the Amphitheatre Temple, the Gallery Pyramid, the Huaca Pyramid, the Small Pyramid and the temple with the circular altar, as well as the city’s residential sectors.