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Buy in Great Nazca Tours means guaranty and security on all your purchases, because transactions on our site are verified and certified by one of the leading companies worldwide in online payment processing:


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB through our authorized retailer


Shipping and Return Policy:





Orders will be send to the specified address, the next business day of receiving the customer order. Shipping charges are not included in the prices of our products.
In the event of a difficulty in delivery of the order by address incorrectly, or absence of people in the address given, Great Nazca Tours will contact to the customer sending an e-mail redirecting delivery to a new address. The customer will assume the forwarding charges




If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can request an exchange for another service of similar price or features, you must inform us within 12 hours of receiving the order. Charge change during the exchange will be borne by the customer.




Changes be made for manufacturing defects or if the product is not the client who requested the order.
The product must be in perfect condition and it will not show signs of wear. Once received and after such verification, Great Nazca Tours will send, no cost, the replacement of the request or, alternatively, reimburse the total amount depending on the mode of payment chosen.
Only returns will be accepted for defective products and incorrect shipments, provided when communicating in a period no longer than 24 hours of receipt.




Where to eventual depletion of stocks of any or some of the products ordered Great Nazca Tours will contact with the customer to inform him of the lack of stock, or otherwise coordinate a new delivery date.


If we could take one or all of the products ordered, we guarantee full reimbursement of the cost of your purchase, even when it has been debited from your payment.


If the purchase had been made by credit card, we note that although the operation of repayment was made as soon as the customer is notified, occasionally Repayment will be reflected only in the billing statement of your card.


Privacy Policy:


Great Nazca Tours guarantees the following rules to protect privacy and privacy of our users and customers:


Forms: The data provided by the customer in different forms installed on our website will be no processing of any kind, except the imperative to ensure the smooth running of your booking. Thus, these data will be used solely for identification and storage of data on the machine from which comes the request for services, the sole purpose of checking the veracity of the application. After verifying this, it will destroy such information. Data provided by the client shall not be sold or transferred to third parties.


Access Statistics: Great Nazca Tours will record access data relating to the website visitors the same. These data are for internal management purposes of the company to search engine statistics to determine the incidence of registration on the website in search engines. Managed IP data, operating system and others not associated with personal data.

Transfer of Data: No data will be transferred under any circumstances to third parties or even to companies that in the future could be affiliated with Great Nazca Tours


Cookies: Great Nazca Tours does not make user profiles, or consuming habit.


Spam: Spam or unsolicited email is strictly prohibited. If you receive this mail from a mail account with our company, should be communicated to the email address, and once investigated the incident, we will proceed to close the email account that caused the incident bringing to the relevant agencies this fact.


Great Nazca Tours customer will not send advertising or any services or his or any other company or corporation. The only information, other than merely referring to contracted service contract, which the customer can receive from Great Nazca Tours, is that concerning changes in rates or conditions of the contract. This information is sent digitally signed.


PGP: Great Nazca Tours has the capacity to send and receive encrypted email and digitally signed. At your request, any correspondence by e-mail will be sent digitally signed.

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If you have any doubts about our products or services or you have any questions or special order, please contact us by any means that here we will help you .


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Orders Hours:
For website 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday
Orders by Central (Telephones) from 8:00 to 21:00 hours Monday to Sunday (Peruvian time)



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